100+ Good Moral Stories 2022|Best Short Story For Kids

Good Moral Stories: Moral stories are essential for children’s mental development. Telling this type of story to the children changes their mindset. When children get to hear such moral stories, they get to learn a lot from them.

So today we have shared with you very important Good Moral Stories with you through this article, by reading or listening to them, you can narrate these stories to your children or you can share your life. can also apply.

Best Short Moral Stories:

Good Moral stories must be read below for young children to learn

Lazy Bird

There was a great friendship between a bird and an ant. The bird was very lazy. But the ant did all its work on time and worked hard day and night. The rainy season was about to come. The ant worked hard day and night and collected a lot of food.

The ant said to the bird- “Sister! The rainy season is coming. Collect food for yourself and the children, otherwise, you will be in trouble. The bird paid no attention to this.

As soon as the rain came, it started raining day and night. The birds could not come out of their nest. Her children started crying with hunger. Seeing this, the ant felt pity. He said to the bird – “You can take some food from my bill.”

The ant explained to the bird- “Sister! If you had listened to me. So today you and your children don’t have to starve.” Understanding the importance of time, the bird said to the ant – “Sister! I will not be lazy from today. And I will always keep track of time.

Moral of the story

This story teaches us that we should never be lazy and should understand the importance of time.

Story Of Elephant And Monkey

There lived a learned elephant in a forest, near whom children of all wild animals used to come to study, among them there was also a child of a monkey who was very mischievous, his mind was not focused on studies, his mind was always engaged in sports.

One day he fell into the pit while playing. It was He couldn’t get there because he had not received any education to get out, then there his teacher elephant comes and takes him out, the monkey boy asked – how did you get me out easily I tried a lot. So the elephant said, if you had learned education at the right time, you would have come out of yourself. I don’t need any help.

Moral of the story

Moral Education We should always study well and always respect our teachers and parents.

Arrogant Rabbit

A rabbit lived in a forest, he was very proud of his speed, one day he went to the king of the jungle, the lion, and said proudly that no one can beat him in the race, the lion said what if an animal defeated you You are ready to be his slave.

The rabbit said yes, the next day a race competition was held, a turtle said – “I will be able to beat this rabbit, all the animals started laughing” As soon as the rabbit came to know that to win the competition, the rabbit had to cross the hill, in the same way, the rabbit caught his speed. Lee went to the top of the mountain and slept as soon as his eyes opened, he saw that the tortoise had won this competition, similarly, the rabbit became his slave.

Moral of the story

Moral of this story We should never boast.

Four Friends

Once upon a time, there were four friends. All four did not like to study at all. They used to have fun day and night. He was having a party on the very first day of the exam. And so he thought that he would go to the tincture and tell lies to them and give the test sometime later.

After the party, the very next day all four went to the teacher. The teacher started telling a lie – “Last night we went to a wedding. And while returning home from the wedding, the tire of our car got punctured. There were no more tires in the car. That’s why we had to push the car and bring it to the house. We were so tired last night that today we are not in a condition to give exams. So can we give the exam later?

The teacher listened to him and told him that he can give the exam tomorrow. All four were very happy to hear this. And went home and started studying. On the second day, all four came to give the exam. The teacher made them sit in different classes.

There were only two questions in the question paper. First – what’s your name? And second – which tire of the car was punctured? All four told a lie. That’s why all four had different answers. In this way, the teacher caught their lies.

Moral of the story

This story teaches us that lying is a bad thing. That’s why we should never lie.

The Story Of The Fox And The Grapes

A fox lived in a forest, one day he was very hungry. She wandered here and there in search of food but could not find anything to eat, when her eyes fell on the nearby vineyard, she happily went inside the vineyard and started trying to pluck the grapes. Even the grapes did not come.

Despite her efforts, she could not get a single grape. In such a situation, he gave up his hope of getting grapes and gave up, to hide his failure, he said that grapes are sour, so he should not eat them.

Moral of the story

Moral lesson We learn from the story of the fox and the grapes that if we are unable to get something without effort, then we should not form a wrong opinion about that thing.

Moral Story Of The Crow

There lived a crow in a forest. He was very happy and happy. Once he saw a beautiful bird. He immediately went to that bird. The color of that bird was white.

The crow asked him – what is your name? The bird said – “Hans’ crow became very happy and said happily – man you are very beautiful, you are white, you must have enjoyed living life. But Hans said no, there is someone more beautiful than me. The crow was surprised and said who is more beautiful than you?

The ‘Hans’ said – “Parrot, the crow immediately flew from there and reached the parrot. And the crow was surprised to see him. The neck of the parrot was red and the parrot was green. ‘The crow said to him – man you will be very happy that you look so wonderful.

The parrot was disappointed and said no, there is a peacock more beautiful and beautiful than me. The crow flew and started looking for the peacock. He searched for the peacock for several days. But the peacock did not find him. But after a few days, he came to know. Peacock is in a birdhouse in the city. The crow reached the birdhouse. When he saw the peacock, many people were clicking photos with the peacock. Seeing this the crow got a little jealous.

The crow went to the peacock and said man, there is only fun in your life. The peacock said, “What’s the matter, even though I am beautiful and beautiful in appearance.” But my whole life is going to pass in this closed cage. The peacock said to the crow – Man you are very lucky. You can go wherever you want in the open sky.

Moral of this story

Remember friends, you should never compare yourself with anyone in your life or else you will definite it one day. That comparison is wrong.

Success Story Of A Deaf Frog

One frog thinks of climbing to the top of the tree and moves on, all the other frogs start shouting “It is impossible that no one climbed till today. It is impossible, you will not be able to climb” But the frog, trying continuously on the strength of his hard work, finally reaches the top of the tree, know why because that frog is deaf and seeing all the frogs screaming, thinks that everyone has increased his enthusiasm. So if you want to reach your goal then be “deaf” towards negative people.

Moral of the story

“We must work hard continuously to achieve the goal. Don’t pay attention to anyone else’s words.

The Story Of The Dove And The Bee

In a forest, there lived a pigeon on a tree on the bank of a river, in the same forest one day a bee was also passing from somewhere that suddenly there was a strong wind and it fell into the river, its wings got wet. She tried hard to get out but she couldn’t.

When she thought that she would die, she started screaming for help, then the pigeon sitting on the nearby tree saw the pigeon lying on that bee, to help her, the pigeon took off from the tree to save the bee. The dove caught the leaf with its beak and dropped it in the river, as soon as the bee got the leaf, the bee came out of the river and its life was saved.

Moral of the story

Moral education is learned from this story that we must help the person who is in trouble, by this, we defined results in the very future.

Doodle Donkey Story

A man had a donkey, that donkey was very lazy. One day his master thought of going to the market and selling some salt, he kept a sack of salt on the back of his donkey and walked towards the market. As they both started crossing the river on the way, suddenly the donkey’s foot slipped. And he fell into the river. The donkey didn’t get hurt, but it felt like it when it stood up. So that the burden of salt on his back may be lessened.

On the second day also the donkey started walking with some sack of salt, he knew what to do now the donkey had to reduce the burden on his back. When the donkey and his master started crossing the river, the donkey again slipped into the river and fell, this time again he felt the weight of the salt kept on his waist lighter. He thought it was very good.

The donkey’s owner recognized this donkey’s move. The owner of the donkey got very angry. Because all the salt from the sack of salt had fallen into the river. Now he came up with a trick to teach the donkey a lesson. On the third day, the owner of the donkey left with a sack full of cotton on the donkey’s back.

The donkey thought that he should do his trick again. When both of them started crossing the river, the donkey again deliberately slipped into the river and fell so that the burden placed on his waist would become lighter, but this time it did not happen that the sack on his waist became heavier. The cotton placed on the donkey’s waist had completely absorbed the water, due to which it became even more heavy, so in this way the owner taught his doodle donkey a lesson.

Moral of the story

If we postpone work due to laziness, then we can get into more trouble or trouble, because of this a person who steals from work is called a doodle.

Greedy Dog

was a greedy dog. One day he got a roti. Taking bread, he was crossing a river over a bridge. Then his eyes fell on a dog which was visible to him in the stagnant water of the river.

He saw that the dog also has a roti. He thought that “why not snatch that bread from the dog down there, then I will have two loaves of bread.” Thinking so, he started barking. Due to this, the bread fell from his mouth down into the water.

Now he understood that the dog that was seen below was his shadow. Due to greed, the dog did not get a single bread.

Moral of the story

This story teaches us that greed is a bad force and its result is bad. That’s why we should never be greedy.

Story Of Three Bulls

Three bulls used to live in a forest, all three were good friends, they used to go to the forest together to graze the grass

He wanted to kill all three of them and eat them but it was impossible because all the three bulls used to attack the lion together. Seeing this opportunity, the lion went to them and killed all three one by one and ate them.

Moral of this story

We should never break the unity and unity is the biggest strength, we should always be together with each other and should not come to the words of others.

The Story Of The Monkey And The Rabbit

In a forest, a monkey and a rabbit lived with great love, both of them had such a good friendship that they always used to play together and share their sorrows and happiness. While playing for 1 day, the rabbit said – “I am thirsty, let’s find water”

The monkey and the hare went inside the forest to find water, and after some time they found a pot in which there was very little water. There was an argument in the middle, then an elephant standing nearby was watching all this, the elephant said do this, drink half and half of the water you have, as much thirst as it will be quenched, go ahead and find a source of water, in this way both of them did well drank water from

Moral of the story

Moral Education True friends always take care of each other, there should be no place for selfishness in true friendship.

Mouse And Cat Story

There was a cat who was very smart and attentive. This went on and seeing his vigilance, the rats had also become alert and the rats were not coming to the cat’s hands, at one time it came that the cat started suffering due to hunger.

Not a single mouse could come to his hand, because on hearing the cat’s sound, the rats used to go fast in the bill, only then the cat started making a plan. Seeing that he was lying on a table, all the rats were alert. But a mouse could not understand this trap made by the cat and went to the cat.

Seeing the mouse coming, the cat pounced on the mouse and ate it. Seeing all this, all the rats ran inside the bill.

Moral of the story

The moral of this story is that we should always be alert. And use your intelligence. So that our life can be saved.

Poor Intentions

There was a shop in a village, a small boy comes to that shop and starts running away with some medicine. Then the owner of the shop catches the boy and starts killing him.

People standing in front keep watching when a man selling tea comes. And starts asking why are you killing him. So the owner of the shop says “This is a thief who was running away after stealing medicine.” The tea man whose name was Ramnath. He thinks that there must be some compulsion why this child is stealing medicine. And looking at the child, seeing the tears coming out of that child’s eyes, Ramnath gives the medicine money to the shopkeeper. Then the child takes medicine and goes running looking toward Ramnath.

Ramnath was a helping person, he used to help everyone, he used to earn money by selling tea, and he used to serve all the needy, his life was also going through poverty but he used to get little money from him, he used to serve the needy. Now Ramnath has become old and he was running his tea shop.

One day he suddenly collapses after fainting and becomes unconscious. Then his son comes running and takes his father to the hospital, then the doctor says – you will have to operate on your father. For which 5 lakh rupees will be needed.

Ramnath’s son starts thinking “from where will I get so much money”. There was some money, that too was donated by the father. Thinking like this, while crying, he falls asleep with his father there. When it is morning, there is a bill near his bed in which it is written that your 5 lakh rupees have been deposited.

Seeing this, he goes to the doctor and starts saying who deposited this money, the doctor says that I did. After which Ramnath’s operation is done.

After a few days when Ramnath is completely cured, he starts asking his son where did he get so much money. So his son says – “Doctor sahib deposited the money”. Just then the doctor comes. And says to Ramnath you know me “I am the same boy whom you helped. At that time my mother was very ill and due to your help my mother got cured”.

Moral Stories {FAQs}

What is Moral Story?

Stories that entertain us as well as give us important lessons.

Why is it important to listen to or read Moral Story?

By telling Moral Story to children, their intellectual development develops and children also get Sikhism.

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