How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot? 2022 {Follow Easy Method}

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, so friends. With the help of this blog, I will tell you How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot, and you have to adopt the following steps and methods to complete this task.

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How to Add a Birthday Field to HubSpot

Adding your birthday field to a hotspot account is a great way to locate or monitor the birthdays of those who are connected to you. It is also an excellent way to send personalized messages to your contacts on their birthdays.

Below are the steps to add the Birthday field to your HubSpot

  • Log in/sign in to your HubSpot account and click on the “Settings icon”.
  • Click on the “Properties” option from the left sidebar, select ‘Contact Properties’ in the Select an Object drop-down menu, and click “Create Property”.
  • Select “Contact” in the ‘Object type’ option, select “Contact Information” in the ‘Group’ option, put “Birthday” in the ‘Label’ option and click on the Next button.
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot
  • Select “Data picker” in the ‘Field type’ section and select the birthday in the ‘preview’ section.
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot
  • Now click on the “Create Field” button.

Your birthday field will now appear when viewing your contacts profile. To add a birthday to the contact, click the “Edit” button next to their name and enter the date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

Six Steps to Add a Birthday Field to Hubspot

  1. First of all, login or sign in to your HubSpot account.
  2. Now click on the Settings icon, and under Data Management in the sidebar menu, click on the “Property” option.
  3. Select “Contact Properties” from the Select an Object drop-down menu.
  4. After that, click on “Create Property”.

    (Now you will get to see the interface of “Create a new property”)
  5. * Select “Contact” in ‘Object Type’.

    * In ‘Group’, select “Contact Information“.

    * Write “Birthday” in the ‘Label’ section and click on the “Next” button.
  6. Now select “Data picker” in ‘Field Type’ and pick or put the birthday in the ‘Preview’ section and click on “Create Field”.

Your new birthday field will be available when you edit or view contact records.

Best Methods for Adding a Birthday Field to Hubspot

How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot? There are different methods we can use to add the Birthday field to your HubSpot account, you can also use the HubSpot import tool, or you can manually add your field to the contact record.

How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot

Using the HubSpot import tool, you must first export your contact information from your current CRM system. When you have exported the file, then you will have to open it in “Text Editor” and add the following line to the top of the file.

“Birthday”: “YYYY-MM-DD”

After that, you must save the file and import it into HubSpot. Your Birthday field will now be available in your HubSpot account.

If you want to add your Birthday field to your contact record manually, then first, you have to create a custom field in HubSpot. To create a custom field, you have to go to “Settings”, then go to “Properties” and click on “create property”. Now give a name to your custom field (E.g., “Birthday”) and choose “Date” as the field type and click on “Create field” to save your changes.

After the custom field is created, go to any contact record and scroll down to “Custom.”

How to Upload Files to the HubSpot Form

Adding a birthday field to your HubSpot form is a great way to segment your marketing campaigns and gather information about your contacts. Let me tell you how to do it.

  • First, go to Menu> Marketing> “Forms” inside HubSpot Account.
  • Click on the form name in which you want to upload the file and click on “Edit Form.”

    (Or you can also do it by clicking on the direct “Edit” option.)
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot
  • In the left sidebar, you will see the tab “Existing properties” and “Create new” fields tab Click or drag and drop on the file you want to upload.

    (Like I am showing you by uploading the birthday file)
  • Under the “Existing properties” tab, go to the “Contact Property” section and add the “Birthday” Field.
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot
  • Now, after that configure your field setting and click on “Save/Update”.

Finally, you now have a birthday field in your HubSpot Form that you can use to customize your marketing campaigns and segment your contacts. How to Add a Birthday Field to HubSpot? Follow the given steps.

How to Access and Update the Options in the Form Builder

How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot {Follow Easy Steps}
How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot

Using the free CRM in HubSpot, you can add your birthday field to your contact form from the form builder. You first need to log in to your HubSpot account, click the Menu on the left sidebar, go to the section, click on “Forms,” and select the form you want to edit.

Now, go to the Fields section and select “Birthday” from the drop-down Menu. This birthday field will be added to your form. You can save your changes by clicking on the “Next” Button.

One thing to note is that you can easily add your birthday field to forms if you are using HubSpot’s CRM or connected to contact properties but not if you are using HubSpot’s CRM contact properties. or not connected, you must first create a custom Contact property for Birthdays to add this field to your forms.

What are Custom Objects in HubSpot?

Custom objects in HubSpot are those that are very useful for your business that represents different types of processes and relationships in your business. All types of HubSpot accounts are used in business for four primary purposes, which are given below.

  • Tickets
  • Deals
  • Company
  • Contact

In addition, HubSpot can have purposes such as talking in conversation calls, making payments, and many more objects.

What is a Property in HubSpot?

Property in HubSpot is the field where information about all records of HubSpot’s objects, such as companies, contacts, tickets, and deals, is collected. For example, you can use the property of any company to tell where those companies are present. All objects have their default properties. You can create custom properties for your business in which you can store all your data.

HubSpot has more than100 default properties. There are properties associated with your contact’s profile, company, browsing activities, ads, conversions, email, engagement, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to HubSpot

1. Is HubSpot Customisable?

Yes, HubSpot introduced inbound last 2021, and it has already provided a more customizable, connected, and customer-centric CRM platform.

2. How do I add a contact field in HubSpot?

In your HubSpot Account,
Contacts>contacts>Create Contacts

Enter the All Properties of the Contacts

Once you are done, Click “Create Contacts” to Save and Create the contacts.

Conclusion: How to Add Birthday Field to Hubspot

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